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Natalia Go

Natalia Go is an Adult Speculative Science Fiction and Fantasy Author. A city girl by heart, she was born and raised in the lively city of Manila, Philippines, and currently living in the United States. Her earlier works are published on Amazon Kindle. Publishing is underway for her Speculative Sci-Fi Fantasy Debut Novel: Laila and the Suspension of Disbelief. 

She is a prolific writer in writing stories with LGBTQ protagonists, set in the near-future. She likes to imagine progressive worlds where humanity is not held back by religion. Outside of her writing career, she is a theatre actor and a singer.

Storytelling as an Art Form

Natalia's greatest motivation in creating any form of art is human expression. She dares to explore deeper human emotions to share otherwise unspeakable truths by telling made-up stories, usually involving magic, alternate history, and near-future technology. She shares these stories in many art forms like fiction, poetry, and acting on the theatre stage.

Her fascination with the human mind had put her at risk of losing her own sanity at some point and made a dent in her heart. Yet, as a seeker of truth, she continues to share stories of her own pains, healing, and dreams, hoping to reach those who ask questions she asks herself, find belongingness, and give them their own voice to share their stories. 

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Telling Stories as a Stage Player

Natalia is a dramatic actor, drawn to roles of characters with deep turmoil or secrets. She loves being on stage because it allows her to be someone else and live the lives of other people, whether real or imagined. She is a musical theatre actor but also loves doing straight plays. Her most notable role was as Queen Gertrude in Ikarus Collaborative Philippine's production of Hamlet in 2014.

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Prose and Poetry

Natalia's prose and poetry have since evolved to explore emotions and experiences that she had not dabbled in her earlier works.